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£230 billion worth of annual public sector contracts

£230 billion worth of annual public sector contracts

The Government has further opened up the £230 billion worth of annual public sector contracts to small and micro-businesses. According to Lord Young, the Prime Minister’s Enterprise Adviser, this undertaking is vital to boosting the UK economy.  The government has set a target of getting 25% of its annual expenditure to SME’s by 2015 but without taking positive actions to help SME’s nothing will change.  There are some excellent recommendations in this article, especially the abolishment of the PQQ on contracts <200,000 euros.  There have been may discussions around a common PQQ that are still not in place, so this proposal will go a long way to helping reduce the  administrative burdens of tendering for SME’s.

At 2Win consulting we specialise in helping firms become more profitable through more effective tendering.  Many of our customers find it difficult and a costly burden in completing PQQ’s so legislation to reduce this cost is welcome.   If PQQ’s and winning tenders is on your list of priorities and you find you just haven’t got the time to get it all done, then we can help ease your pressure.  I hope that the legislation proposed to just comes into place quickly.  This will be a win-win for public and private sector alike.–2

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