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Over 25 Years of Success in Quality Management

Over 25 Years of Success in Quality Management

Over 25 Years of Success in Quality Management.

The passing of the HRH the Queens’ Golden Jubilee also saw the passing of the ISO 9000 Silver Jubilee in 2013.  There will be a planned revision to the standard in 2015.  So what does your organisation need to be doing to transition?  I can remember the change from the 2000 to 2008 revision.  Businesses were given 2 years to transition to what was quite a major change (much the better too).  I do not think that the latest changes will be as major but given that the upgrade cycle worked for the last transition, I think the same process will apply for the next change. At 2Win consulting we have helped many businesses implement and gain the benefits from running an effective Quality management system and make sustained improvements.  To many of our clients, having the ISO certificate of conformity is the icing on the cake as they accrue significant benefits from a systemised business.

Since the economic and financial crisis themes of sustainable economies, social corporate responsibility and environmental integrity have come to the fore.  A new era of responsible capitalism has been ushered in.  What new themes are also to be built into the new ISO 9000 standard to ensure it lasts another 25 years?

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