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Have your say in ISO14000

Have your say in ISO14000

Have your say in ISO14000 the worlds’ best known Environmental management standard.

With over ¼ of a million certificates of conformity to the standard issued across 158 countries it’s a well-established standard.  But in 2015 it is due to be changed.  If you’ve operated an Environmental Management system you will know that there are big benefits to be achieved in managing your waste effectively.  However the legislative requirements imposed by government both in UK and EU can make it your environmental compliance a chore.  With these thoughts in mind you can have your say about how to make the next version of ISO14000 a “leaner” standard?  I believe that the incorporation of the process based approach used in ISO9000 will be a benefit to all (including the reduction in written procedures and reduce the amount of paper recycling).  Learn how to make your views count.

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