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Process Review

Process Review

Maximise your efficiency

We make it our business to be great at winning tenders.  As a result we know a lot about how to organise processes efficiently to achieve the best results.  We offer the benefit of our experience and expertise to review your tender management team activities.

We’ll determine how you can maximise your chances of success by defining the key controls you need to have in place to minimise the missed opportunities whilst remaining effective and efficient.

Minimise your missed opportunities

Our experience at applying Six Sigma techniques in non-manufacturing environments means that we can deliver significant improvements quickly.  This allows you to leapfrog the learning process without having to make the mistakes.

  • We review and critique and improve your in-house activity.
  • A process map of your current activity
  • A process map of the future state
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Action plan to implement

We have the expertise to help you implement the actions required to make the effective and necessary change to win more tenders.

  • You gain team ownership of a key business process and knowledge of:
  • Priorities for immediate improvement
  • Roles & responsibilities at key gateways
  • What actions are needed to improve
  • How to achieve rapid improvements

You will need to implement the recommended “future state” process changes to achieve the expected results.

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