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Proposal Writing

Proposal Writing

People buy from people they know and trust

We follow a six phase business development process that proposal management specialists and government procurement heads are familiar with.  As a result, we speak the language of the people making the purchasing decisions.

Our expertise puts your submission in the best possible context for the recipient to understand, interpret and score. The extent to which our services are required will influence the expense to you.  Listed below are typical activities and capabilities that we offer.

If what you require is not listed, then please contact us with your needs and we will be able to tailor a service to suit.

Eliminate the worry and doubt of putting your best possible representation forward by calling upon our expertise where it counts the most.  Your proposal of best value.

Bid Writing Activitites and estimate of output:

  • Writing new material 4-5 pages/day
  • Writing: extensive review 8-10 pages/day
  • Writing: minimal revision 20-25 pages/day
  • Simple graphic 1-2 hours each
  • Complex graphic 4-6 hours each
  • Management review 40 pages / day
  • Desk top publishing and format 20 – 60 pages /day

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