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Process & Systems Mastery (Six Sigma)

Process & Systems Mastery (Six Sigma)

“I’ve got the ISO awards.  I need help in implementing and sustaining a continuous improvement culture”

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Lean Transformation Alignment

A one day workshop for senior managers in a businesses wishing to evaluate how a Lean approach has to affect their behaviours, measures, thinking and culture.

The programme includes;

  • How ‘Lean’ will only work if it is embraced at the top of the decision making tree.
  • Lean Values & behaviours
  • Waste “dislike” is the key to Lean Thinking
  • Lean tool introduction

Lean Consultancy

Everyone needs help occasionally.  Every day throws at you issues and opportunities often demanding immediate attention to satisfy safety, quality or cost targets.  We are Lean Specialists and familiar with project deployment and targeted improvement activities through extensive experience at Lean practices globally.

If you need a direction or support for your Leadership group, or just an extra wise head for advice to improve your company then we are experts in this field.  All too often people say “this can’t be done”, or “ we’ve tried that before”.  We make the difference by listening to you, your problems and engage with your team to help make them part of the improvements.

Green, Lean and Agile

We offer you a waste and energy diagnostic service to clearly identify where your business is losing money and how to prevent it. We will spend 1 – 2 days on site carrying out a thorough review of your facilities and processes.

We deliver a report of our findings providing clear steps to reducing and managing your carbon footprint. This can then lead to project based activity or a full sustainability training program aimed at getting everyone in you company to not only identify wasted energy, but to also do something about it.

What does it cost:  Prices start from £500+VAT for our process and systems mastery services.

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