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Tender Management

Tender Management

No Hassle. No Worry. Just no nonsense results

It is our mission to make good businesses get better and help better businesses win more contracts.   We take away the bureaucracy, hassle and effort of getting through the  tendering process.  Remain safe in the knowledge that our expertise is  putting your company in the best possible light to win tenders.

Why should you use us?

Simple!  No stress.  No missed deadlines.  Just no nonsense, professional results
Maximise your chances of success and minimise the hassle and worry of failure.

What does it feel like?

Imagine someone going to the dentist on your behalf;  you avoid the hassle, stress and pain but still get the perfect smile and professional service. Let us become your outsourced tender department and maximise your chances of success

What We Do:

  • Our expertise is getting your business into the best possible position to win tenders.  We guarantee it.
  • Quickly get your business through to tender stage
  • Manage and take responsibility for the entire submission process
  • Write effective proposals
  • Put your company in the best possible position to win tenders

What You Do:

You concentrate upon your core business, making sure you continually improve to be the best at what you do.

When the need arises you provide:

  • A price.
  • A delivery date.
  • Technical explanation.
  • Project delivery plan.
  • A business self-assessment to check that you are correctly structured to win.

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